Although Field Guard and Winterguard have some differences, in terms of equipment used, there are a few things that are common to both seasons!

Some of you have asked about ordering your own equipment and gloves... Here are the sites we order from and the models we use:


We use the EverDri model of glove in NUDE (for those performers that prefer to use gloves! They are OPTIONAL). They are $14.95 per pair and can be ordered from here:


Shoes (Fieldguard only):

We use DSI Starlite 2 shoes for the field guard. They are $27.25 a pair. We normally wear BLACK and the suggestion for ordering is that you order one size SMALLER than your normal 'street shoes'... and they can be ordered from here:


Personal Equipment Bags:

If you are interested in purchasing your own equipment bag. They are $24.95 in five different colors and can be ordered from here (Please note: The guard will check out to all performers a "guard owned" personal equipment bag to use in each season, so a personal bag is for your own personal use):

Personal Equipment Bag


Designs by King, We use the 39" (inch) King Rifle with a BLACK bolt (a pull down option for bolt color,). for $31.00 each. You will need to add a WHITE LEATHER strap to each rifle ordered (an additional pull down) for an additional $7.50, for a total cost per rifle of $38.50 (plus shipping via UPS which the vendor will add to your order (and email you the true total) once they compute it on their end from California (NOTE: Shipping can add substantially to the overall cost!)

You can order a 39" King Rifle here:

King Rifle


Designs by King also provide our sabers... We use a 39" (inch) RoyalAir model which costs $69.00 each... Again, Designs by King will figure out the shipping and email you the total.

You can order a 39" RoyalAir saber here:


As you can see, the cost of a saber is much higher than that of any other single piece of equipment we use. We normally have enough sabers on hand for use by our performers, however some members have opted to purchase their own. As you can also see a higher end saber like the one that Rod or I use (I use The King Saber, which is their top end saber) can be upwards of $200.00 each! We will continue to use the RoyalAir for some time to come simply because we have an investment in them and they are truly one of the most sturdy sabers on the market.